21st - 23rd July 2017

Steam Shed

March 7, 2017

Steam Shed began as a vehicle for a long term recording project by guitarist Richard Pellew.  Tempting old friends, bassist Doug Irvine and drummer Paul Skidmore out of their respective retirements following successful professional musical careers, the band created a catalogue of original material that reflected their joint musical backgrounds.

Singer and pianist Heather Skull joined the line-up in 2015, her vast vocal and stylistic range propelling the band from recording project to live act.  Steam Shed’s musical style ranges from blues to jazz to complex mergers of rock and opera to steampunk, the lyrics bittersweet with themes of love and life gone wrong with the occasional diversion into the thrill seeking hobbies of the band members… The band also reinvent a handful of covers that reflect their own musical influences.

Heather and Richard also take Steam Shed out as a duo, appearing recently at the Open Mic session at the Village Pump @The Lamb where they performed a very warmly received acoustic set.